What are the Best Places to Visit in Japan in Winter?

Is Japan on your travel horizon this winter? There’s never a bad time to visit our country, and even though a chill sets in and the nights grow longer, there are still countless incredible things to see and do here. … Read More

What Are Some Must-See Places In Japan?

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Is Kobe, Japan, Worth Visiting?

Today, we will discuss the diverse city of Kobe, a gem nestled between mountain and sea in Japan’s Kansai region, and whether it is worth visiting when traveling in Japan. Spoiler alert: The answer is a resounding yes! Often overlooked … Read More

Kobe Harbor

What are some hidden gems near Kobe, Japan?

Perhaps most famous for its beef, Kobe has been appearing on more and more Japan trip itineraries. But this international city shouldn’t be thought of as merely a place to get your steak grub on, or as a launching point … Read More

Wagyu Beef

Is Wagyu beef worth the high cost?

How do you feel about marbling? Does rich, tender beef make your taste buds stand at attention? The answer is probably “yes” if you have read this far. But is Wagyu beef worth the high cost? Let’s tucker into a … Read More

Port of Kobe

Is Kobe, Japan worth visiting?

Just about everyone’s heard of Kobe beef, but is Kobe, Japan worth visiting even if you aren’t all that into the beef? Kobe is in the same part of Japan as Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, which makes it easy to … Read More

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