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    Fun and insightful small group and private tours with fluent guides. The quality you deserve, with fair pricing and no tip mongering.

Popular Guided Tours in Japan

We are passionate about sharing our local insights into the culture and daily life in our home cities. Join us to explore our favorite food, drinks, neighborhoods, and hidden gems in our most popular guided tours in Japan. Guaranteed personal attention with every booking!

From ¥13,000

per person
3 Hours (approx.)

Deep Osaka All-Inclusive Nighttime Foodie Adventure

An Osaka food tour that's half great food, half cultural odyssey. Our night tour will leave you in love with both the city and its food.

From ¥58,900

per group
8 Hours (approx.)

Private Tour of Osaka's Best and Brightest

Osaka Castle and Dotonbori, but more local, less visited sights too. All by private vehicle, all at your pace, and all modifiable to suit your needs and desires.

From ¥12,700

per person
Group photo on Pontocho for Kyoto food tour
3 Hours (approx.)

Kyoto Night Streets and Eats

Explore the Gion, then get down to some great eating. On our Kyoto food tour, you'll learn about the past, present, and all things yum. And there's no need to ever take out your wallet.

Engaging Japan Day Tours & Night Tours

Looking to explore more during your visit to Japan? We offer day and night tours in multiple cities, including day tours from those cities. You can also always contact us to arrange custom itineraries and plans.

From ¥4,200

per person

Tours in Tokyo

The city that needs no introduction, but still surprises and amazes visitors at every turn.

From ¥3,000

per person

Tours in Osaka

Big on character. No, HUGE on character. And an eater's paradise too.

From ¥59,000

per group

Tours in Kobe

International port city with both urban and natural areas to wow. Some pretty famous beef too!

From ¥3,100

per person

Tours in Kyoto

The undisputed champion of Japanese history and tradition. Allow us to uncomplicate and make it all very accessible for you.

From ¥11,000

per person

Japanese Food and Night Culture Tours

Variety like you never knew existed. And then there's the food. We've got Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo all waiting for your taste buds.

From ¥11,000

per person

LGBTQ+ tours

Instead of simply taking you to bars, we give you historical context and cultural insight. Then comes the food and bars, as you like.

Japan City Tours Like You’ve Never Seen Before

During our Japan city tours, our mission is to share both the traditional and the modern, highlighting the unforgettable and the fascinating. We want you to leave our cities feeling like you better understand local culture and history, but also like you just had a fun experience and made new friends! 

While our top-notch tour guides are passionate about our cities, we don’t want to bore you with endless facts and figures. We’re not trying to be a walking Wikipedia. We treat you like friends who are visiting, sharing the interesting stories and information that you can only get from a local. And we do it all in your language. All of our guides speak fluent English (and Japanese, too!) so you can feel confident and comfortable as you explore an unfamiliar area.

When you join one of our guided city tours in Japan, we’re welcoming you into our favorite places and spaces. But we’re not taking kick-backs or forcing you to shop at certain stores. We’re up-front about our prices so you know exactly what’s included, and we create genuinely interesting itineraries to show off the past and present of these unique neighborhoods and cities. 

And because our tours are private or small groups (no more than 6 guests), we can be flexible and nimble; we’re not here to herd sheep.

If you’re looking for a guided tour in Japan, we would love to show you around. Explore our Japan tours and reach out any time if you have questions about where we go or what we do. 

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"I’ve been doing many food tours in different cities... I can confirm that this one was the best one I had! Kevin our tour guide showed us a totally different side of Osaka, Japan!"
Sara T.
“A fantastic adventure in Osaka! Not only did I have a great time, and eat great food, but I was really able to get a feel for the city at the local level.”
Maverick C.
"With the help of Pinpoint Traveler, I've learned so much about Japan - and had tons of fun doing it!"
Daniel M.

Why book your Japan tour with Pinpoint Traveler?

Visiting Japan can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many travelers. Our Japan city tours aim to provide you with a memorable experience unlike any other. We’re confident that our top-notch guides will speak your language and answer every question you have about Japan. We pride ourselves on creating interesting itineraries that include the best sites alongside the local spots we frequent and love. We show you around our cities the way we would show our friends and family. No hidden costs, no kick-backs from certain shops...our Japan tours are all about giving you a great experience you’ll remember forever. Never boring, always local, genuinely crafted...this is the Pinpoint Traveler promise. Come join us and see for yourself!

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Explore Japan in a way that covers the top sights with lots of local flavor too, all with lots of personalized attention.

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Positive vibes, people, places, food, and an intriguing, exciting culture: There are more than a few reasons why people love Japan. Tour with us and make your own adventure.

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