Japan Tours


Explore Japan’s vibrant cities with night tours highlighting local fare + day tours sharing traditions and modern insights.

Tours in Japan’s Vibrant Cities

From the food to the architecture and from the cultural traditions to the modern adaptations, our sightseeing tours in Japan offer countless unique experiences for visitors to enjoy. Joining our Japan tours in various cities helps you to see a local side of life here from an insider perspective. 

With your English-speaking guide, you can walk the neighborhoods that have shaped these cities, learning the history as much as you’ll learn how it feels to be a local today. With your own private tour or a small group (up to only 6 people), we can meander easily together without feeling like a horde of tourists being shoved in front of all the top sites and cheap trinkets. 

Our Japan city tours are different! 

We love to share our local perspectives and insights with those curious travelers who crave culture and meaningful experiences. Our guides are passionate about their home cities, no matter how long they’ve chosen to call it home. With local insight and understanding of cultural differences and curiosities, we welcome you to explore our neighborhoods and our favorite places the same way we would show our friends and family around. Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tour options.

Safety First

We’re committed to keeping you, our guides, and every vendor we encounter safe and healthy. We appreciate your cooperation and support in that endeavor.

Memorable Experiences

We aren’t your big-group, cookie-cutter tour company. We go beyond the landmarks and Wikipedia facts to delve deeper into the local culture and interesting insights.

Top-Notch Tour Guides

Our tour guides speak your language (plus Japanese) and they are truly passionate ambassadors of their home cities. Ask us anything!


per person

Tours in Tokyo

The city that needs no introduction, but still surprises and amazes visitors at every turn.

From ¥8,050

per person

Tours in Osaka

Big on character. No, HUGE on character. And an eater's paradise too.

From ¥73,080

per group

Tours in Kobe

International port city with both urban and natural areas to wow. Some pretty famous beef too!

From ¥7,308

per person

Tours in Kyoto

The undisputed champion of Japanese history and tradition. Allow us to uncomplicate and make it all very accessible for you.

From ¥11,570

per person

Japanese Food and Night Culture Tours

Variety like you never knew existed. And then there's the food. We've got Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Tokyo all waiting for your taste buds.

From ¥7,100

per person

LGBTQ+ tours

Instead of simply taking you to bars, we give you historical context and cultural insight. Then comes the food and bars, as you like.

From ¥13,700

per person

Tours in Hiroshima

We believe a Hiroshima tour should be added to your Japan itinerary if you’re visiting for a week or more. The immensity of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum is something moving and to be reckoned with. Beyond that, there is of course Miyajima and other sights less visited.

Japan Day Tours

Whether you’re seeking an Osaka day tour from Kyoto or from Kobe, we can help you see the best of these popular destinations. 

Or take a Kyoto day tour by private car to explore the most popular sites and locations in and around the city. 

We also love a fun Tokyo day tour! We recommend combining a half-day exploring beautiful sites with an evening tour feasting on local food and drink. 

Escape from the crowds with a private Kobe day tour to ride the cable car up the mountain or indulge in lovely hot springs. And, of course, we can highlight Kobe beef and a sake distillery, too!

We know all the best spots to take you, no matter which city you choose! Need some help deciding which of our Japan tours to take? Feel free to contact us for more information or to create a custom itinerary.

How do our sightseeing Japan tours work?

We believe in being up-front about all costs, inclusions, and exclusions so you know exactly what to expect during your tour in Japan. We never take kick-backs or force you to shop at specific places and we don’t have endless add-ons during our food tours. When we say that food is included, we mean it.

Public Transit or Pickup

For our walking tours and night tours, meeting spots are always conveniently located close to train or subway stops. For car tours, pick up is included, but for walking and night tours, pick up can be arranged at additional cost.

Expert Guides

Real English, real skills, and great personalities. Our guides have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with interesting, fun, and memorable tours.

Fully Narrated

During our Japan tours, we never leave you to wander about on your own. Your guide stays with you the whole time, unless, for example, you want a bit of time to roam a garden or have lunch on your own.


Our night tours include dinner, our half-day walking tours have no meal stops, and our full-day tours have a lunch stop at your expense (we will consult with you and find a place to your liking).

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