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Why Tour With Us?

Classic Japan beckons you in this most historic of Japanese cities on our Kyoto tour. During the day, you’ll celebrate Kyoto’s rich bounty of temples, gardens, and atmospheric districts scattered about the city. Learn how Shintoism and Buddhism are different both in philosophy and temple/shrine design, then lose yourself in the timeless beauty of a Japanese garden or bamboo grove. At night, join a Kyoto tour that strolls the famous Gion, where you may even spot one of the elusive geisha scurrying off to an engagement. Our evening Kyoto tour also takes you into the modern and delicious as we visit restaurants and other scenic spots nearby the old Gion area.


3 Hours (approx.)

Kyoto Night Streets and Eats

Explore the Gion, then get down to some great Kyoto eating.

From ¥7,100

4 Hours (approx.)

Higashiyama walking tour

See top sights and more elusive gems as you walk this legendary district.

From ¥66,000

8 hours (approx.)

Osaka Best and Brightest

Leave Kyoto for the day and explore the bustling, historic metropolis of Osaka.

From ¥7,900

4 Hours (approx.)

Japanese tea and beyond in Uji (private tour)

The Uji district has nature, grand tea culture, and a temple so famous it's on a coin.

From ¥63,000

8 Hours (approx.)

Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari, and more by private car

Maximum comfort and convenience as you explore some of Kyoto's most renowned sights.

What's the Deal?

We believe in being up front with our guests about what's in, and what's out when it comes to tour costs. And we absolutely never force shopping or take you places where we get kickbacks. When food's included, it's included for real - none of this "first drink and snack free" thing.

Public Transit or Pickup

For our walking tours and night tours, meeting spots are always conveniently located close to train or subway stops. For car tours, pick up is included, but for walking and night tours, pick up can be arranged at additional cost.

Expert Guides

Real English, real skills, and great personalities. Our guides have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with interesting, fun, and memorable tours.

Fully Narrated

Our tours never leave you to wonder about on your own. Your guide stays with you the whole time, unless, for example, you want a bit of time to roam a garden or have lunch on your own.


Night tours include dinner, half day walking tours have no meal stops, and full day tours have a lunch stop at your expense (we will consult with you and find a place to your liking).