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Our Tokyo tours in English show you more of this fascinating city, all from a local perspective.

Tokyo Guided Tours with Local Insight

Tokyo, a city that truly needs no introduction, boasts a multitude of treasures that go far beyond its popular sites and sought-after Instagram backdrops. 

We invite you to join our Tokyo tours conducted in English, where we offer in-depth knowledge and authentic insights into the heart of Tokyo, revealing its lesser-known charms.

Our Tokyo tour guides are not only locals but also fervent lovers of their city. They are delighted to share an insider’s view of Tokyo with visitors. With proficiency in English and Japanese, they offer glimpses into the Tokyo that the locals cherish, beyond the well-trodden tourist areas.

Uncover the Real Japan with Our Tokyo City Tours

Our tours delve into Tokyo’s rich tapestry, from its captivating cuisine and deeply-rooted cultural traditions to the vibrant local neighborhoods and our specially-curated secret spots, hidden away from the mainstream guidebooks. 


Tailored for the discerning traveler, Pinpoint Traveler’s Tokyo tours cater to those who seek a deeper, more enriching experience during their visit to Japan. 

We encourage you to reach out with any inquiries about our Tokyo city tours; we’re here to ensure your Tokyo exploration is extraordinary.

From ¥7,703

per person
4 Hours (approx.)

Asakusa and Old Tokyo

Traditional Tokyo urban landscapes with abundant history.

From ¥11,570

per person
3 Hours (approx.)

Tokyo Local Food and Drink Adventure

Come explore a delicious and interesting Tokyo away from the usual Shinjuku scene. Includes 3 drinks and a full meal.

From ¥4,820

per person
4 Hours (approx.)

Shinjuku, Shibuya, and more

The buzz of modern Tokyo trends and commercialism writ large and bright.

From ¥12,180

per person
3 Hours (approx.)

LGBTQ Tokyo night tour

Pull back the curtain on how gay culture was 100 years ago, and how it is today. Includes 2 drinks and a light meal.

How Our Tokyo Guided Tours Work

At the heart of our tour operations is a commitment to transparency. When it comes to our Tokyo day tours in English, we ensure you are fully informed about all costs, inclusions, and exclusions. This way, you know precisely what to expect during our Tokyo city tours, and no surprises await you.At Pinpoint Traveler, integrity comes first, so rest assured we never accept kickbacks or coerce you into shopping at designated places. We aim to give you an authentic experience, free from unwanted commercial distractions. This principle extends to our Tokyo walking tour as well, where we focus on immersing you in the city's rich history and culture without any unnecessary detours or forced shopping trips.Likewise, during our Tokyo sightseeing and food tours, we don't believe in hidden extras or endless add-ons. When we state that food is included, we stand by it. We ensure that the cuisine you sample is not just authentic and delectable but is genuinely part of your tour package. With us, what you see is what you get, and a little bit more!(If you are spending longer in Japan and wish to visit other destinations with expert local guides, explore the rest of our Tours in Japan’s Vibrant Cities.)

Public Transit or Pickup

For our walking tours and night tours, meeting spots are always conveniently located close to train or subway stops. For car tours, pick up is included, but for walking and night tours, pick up can be arranged at additional cost.

Expert Guides

Real English, real skills, and great personalities. Our guides have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with interesting, fun, and memorable tours.

Fully Narrated

During our Japan tours, we never leave you to wander about on your own. Your guide stays with you the whole time, unless, for example, you want a bit of time to roam a garden or have lunch on your own.


Our night tours include dinner, our half-day walking tours have no meal stops, and our full-day tours have a lunch stop at your expense (we will consult with you and find a place to your liking).

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