What are the Best Places to Visit in Japan in Winter?

Is Japan on your travel horizon this winter? There’s never a bad time to visit our country, and even though a chill sets in and the nights grow longer, there are still countless incredible things to see and do here. … Read More


10 Things You Should Do in Tokyo

Join Pinpoint Traveler as we explore 10 things we love to do in Tokyo: From the iconic Shibuya Crossing to green spaces and art galleries… … Read More

One of Fushii Inari Shrine's famous dog statues.

What is Kyoto famous for?

Kyoto should definitely be on your first trip to Japan’s agenda. But what is Kyoto famous for? As the historic capital of Japan, Kyoto is chock full of temples and shrines, plus of course gardens. But the city is also.. … Read More

Ishiyama Temple

What day trips can you do from Kyoto?

Oh the temples and shrines you will see in Kyoto! Kinkaku-ji (the “Golden Pavilion”), Ginkaku-ji, and Fushimi Inari Taisha are all very worthwhile sights. Unfortunately, they can be a bit crowded. This will predictably take away something from the Zen … Read More

bamboo grove in arashiyama

What are the top sights to see or places to go in Kyoto?

Kyoto is an amazing city chock full of history, incredible temples, and beautiful gardens. With so much to see, you’re going to have to plan carefully. Too many temples in one day is a surefire road to burnout, but on … Read More

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

What are the best sights to see in Hiroshima, Japan?

Though diametrically opposed to joy and happiness, the Peace Memorial Park is most decidedly one of the best sights to see in Hiroshima. You will find the structure pictured above in this park, and you can walk right up to … Read More

View of Tokyo from high above

What are the best places to visit in or near Tokyo?

For those seeking reaffirmation that urban, central Tokyo has every dream possibly containable by concrete, the options are seemingly limitless. You should of course not miss Shinjuku, Shibuya, or Ginza. Ueno and Asakusa are also urban must-sees, but of the … Read More

bullet train

What Are Some Must-See Places in Japan?

With so many must-see places in Japan, it’s hard to know where to start. And it’s even harder to know where to end! So we’re here to help you with a good few of the essentials. Think of this as … Read More

Dotonbori nightscape

What are interesting things to see and do in Osaka?

We’re not going to deny that Tokyo is, well, Japan’s flagship urban product of sorts. We’re also not in the business of denying the historical and cultural spectacle that is Kyoto. We love both those places, but urge our visitors … Read More

Shitennoji Osaka

What are the top tourist attractions in Osaka?

Looking for the top tourist attractions in Osaka for your upcoming trip? No problem, we have you covered. As local travel experts living in Osaka, we have an affinity for sharing our city with visitors. From leading walking tours to … Read More

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