Tokyo Tower

Is 10 Days Enough to Get a Good Feel of Tokyo?

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Kyoto in autumn

How Many Days Does a Tourist Need in Kyoto, Japan?

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Osaka at night

Is it possible to stay in Osaka and visit Kyoto?

Osaka and Kyoto are neighbors, however they differ dramatically in style and story. While Kyoto shows off its imperial history, Osaka highlights post-war growth and modernity. Both cities feature cultural charms and fascinating sights for visitors to appreciate, but a … Read More

bullet train

Is Kyoto closer to Tokyo than Osaka?

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Can you eat on a train in Japan?

No rules are posted on the trains, so that must mean it’s ok to eat..? The trains in Japan, be it subways, local trains, or long-distance ones, all seem so clean! We’ve all probably ridden trains in other countries where … Read More


How Much Money Should You Take To Japan?

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