Today, we will discuss the diverse city of Kobe, a gem nestled between mountain and sea in Japan’s Kansai region, and whether it is worth visiting when traveling in Japan.

Spoiler alert: The answer is a resounding yes! Often overlooked by travelers in favor of its bigger, louder cousins, Tokyo and Osaka, Kobe is a destination awaiting your discovery. From the vibrant port city’s maritime charm and the famous Kobe beef that’s savored worldwide to its hot springs tucked away in the mountains, this city offers an appealing, less-trodden path for curious travelers.

Kobe provides picturesque settings that will leave you in awe, whether hiking Mount Rokko’s forested trails or enjoying a sunset at Meriken Park. Immerse yourself in the culture and history that pervades every corner of the city, where traditional sake breweries coexist with state-of-the-art architecture. 

Feel the city’s pulse as you wander around busy shopping districts and explore the tranquility and elegance of sites, such as the historic Ikuta Shrine. The city’s resilience is also palpable in the array of modern buildings and parks you’ll discover as you walk around – living testimonies to Kobe’s recovery from the devastating 1995 earthquake.

In the following blog, we’ll dive deeper into the unique treasures Kobe holds and why this maritime city deserves a spot on your Japan itinerary.

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Historic Sites in Kobe

When you visit Kobe, we recommend making the historic Rokko Cable Car your first stop. This cherished symbol of Kobe offers more than just a cable car ride. As you ascend Rokko Mountain, you’ll be spellbound by the panoramic views of Kobe and Osaka Bay. 

By day, you’ll be greeted by lush and expansive vistas, and by night, a mesmerizing blanket of city lights that are affectionately known as the “million-dollar nighttime view.” 

This scenic ride immerses you in the natural beauty of Kobe and provides a tranquil respite from the vibrant city life below. 

Another must-visit spot is the Arima Onsen, a haven of tranquility that’s been a favorite among visitors for centuries. This hot spring resort, one of Japan’s oldest, is tucked within the Rokko mountain range. Stepping into its healing waters feels like stepping back in time. Our Private Tour of Kobe features a visit to this resort. 

Ancient legends of healing and rejuvenation are as much a part of Arima Onsen as the thermal waters themselves. Whether you’ve been to the healing baths before or are a newcomer, the atmosphere of Arima Onsen is sure to whisk you away into its centuries-old narrative.

Relaxing at Arima Onsen

Upon visiting Arima Onsen, you’ll find a spa experience that truly stands out. The town boasts two distinctive hot springs: the “Golden Spring” and the “Silver Spring”. 

Each spring offers unique mineral compositions and health benefits. The Golden Spring, or ‘Kinsen’, is characterized by its warm, reddish-brown water, rich in iron and salt. 

The Silver Spring, or ‘Ginsen’, is renowned for its clear, colorless water rich in radium and carbonate. Many visitors find the revitalizing effects of both to be remarkable, often leaving feeling rejuvenated.

While exploring Arima Onsen, be sure to sample the acclaimed sake manju. This sweet bun, filled with red bean paste and subtly infused with sake, is an indulgence you don’t want to miss. 

Exploring Beautiful Gardens

Next on the agenda, immerse yourself in the tranquility of Kobe’s beautiful gardens: the Botanical Garden and Sorakuen. It’s up to you which to visit first but rest assured, each garden has plenty of charm. 

The Botanical Garden offers a journey through diverse climates and plant life, serving as a peaceful oasis that celebrates our planet’s biodiversity. 

Sorakuen, meanwhile, is a traditional Japanese landscape garden that boasts a central pond, stone lanterns, and meticulously tended plants, radiating a Zen-like calm.

Sake Brewing in Kobe 

While exploring Kobe, do not miss the enchanting world of sake, Japan’s iconic beverage. Embarking on a local sake distillery tour offers a unique glimpse into the intricate and detailed process of brewing this traditional drink.

Nada in Kobe is one of Japan’s three most famous sake-making areas, along with Fushimi in Kyoto and Hiroshima Prefecture. The art of sake brewing is more than just a manufacturing process; it’s a testament to an age-old tradition meticulously preserved and passed down from generation to generation. 

Each stage of the brewing process, from carefully selecting rice grains to attentive fermentation, is carried out with the utmost precision and care. This dedication to the craft embodies a deeper purpose than simply creating a drink – it’s about upholding and honoring a rich cultural legacy.

During a distillery tour, you can also sample the sake. There’s a special allure in tasting this traditional beverage right at the source of its creation!

One defining element that makes Kobe a truly unique destination is its rich sake culture. This traditional brew embodies the spirit of the city – a harmonious blend of the old and new, tradition and innovation.

Explore Kobe with Pinpoint Traveler

So, is Kobe, Japan, worth visiting? I hope our virtual tour has answered that question with a resounding ‘yes’!

With its diverse experiences, Kobe encapsulates what makes travel so exciting. With its blend of history and modernity and its stunning natural beauty paired with urban sophistication, Kobe should make it onto the itinerary of anyone exploring Japan. 

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Pinpoint Traveler’s Private Tour of Kobe offers a seamless and personalized exploration of Kobe’s most famous attractions. An experienced guide, equipped with local knowledge, will accompany you in a private vehicle to various sights, including hot springs, gardens, and bustling commercial districts, with a special tour of the sake brewery area. 

You’ll also have the chance to savor a delicious Kobe Beef lunch, a must-try in the city. This tour combines the convenience of a planned itinerary with the flexibility to explore at your own pace, making it a perfect way to experience the best of Kobe.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.  

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