Osaka castle rising above the surrounding compound's walls.

What are the best Osaka walking tour sights?

Depending how you look at it, Osaka is Japan’s second or third largest city. That means there’s got to be lots to cover! We’ve compiled some of the best walking tour sights for you, with the majority coming straight from … Read More

Set of small obanzai bowls

Obanzai Restaurants in Kyoto: What’s the deal?

→ Also ones in nearby Osaka, because we love obanzai restaurants there too. With so many types of Japanese food, seeking out obanzai restaurants can be a little niche. We commend you for your in-depth knowledge of and interest in … Read More

Bowl of soba noodles

What makes Tokyo udon or Osaka soba taste so good?

Everyone knows ramen as the star noodle soup dish of Japan, but on the lighter side of things you will find a nice bowl of udon or soba. While the noodles themselves are generally similar regardless of where you are … Read More

One of Fushii Inari Shrine's famous dog statues.

What is Kyoto famous for?

Kyoto should definitely be on your first trip to Japan’s agenda. But what is Kyoto famous for? As the historic capital of Japan, Kyoto is chock full of temples and shrines, plus of course gardens. But the city is also.. … Read More

Tokyo Station

Which city is better to live in: Tokyo or Osaka?

When it comes to visiting Japan, most first time itineraries omit Osaka in favor of more time in Tokyo. This is completely understandable for those short on time, but when it comes whether it’s better to live in Tokyo or … Read More


What is the most famous food in Japan?

Food is the gateway to a foreign culture. We usually are familiar with a country’s food before we visit the actual place, and Japan is certainly no exception. It’s difficult to even nominate a most famous food in Japan. Still, … Read More

Ishiyama Temple

What day trips can you do from Kyoto?

Oh the temples and shrines you will see in Kyoto! Kinkaku-ji (the “Golden Pavilion”), Ginkaku-ji, and Fushimi Inari Taisha are all very worthwhile sights. Unfortunately, they can be a bit crowded. This will predictably take away something from the Zen … Read More

Dotonbori nightscape

What are interesting things to see and do in Osaka?

We’re not going to deny that Tokyo is, well, Japan’s flagship urban product of sorts. We’re also not in the business of denying the historical and cultural spectacle that is Kyoto. We love both those places, but urge our visitors … Read More

Wagyu Beef

Is Wagyu beef worth the high cost?

How do you feel about marbling? Does rich, tender beef make your taste buds stand at attention? The answer is probably “yes” if you have read this far. But is Wagyu beef worth the high cost? Let’s tucker into a … Read More

Nakanoshima at night

Is it safe to walk around Osaka alone at night?

Big cities can sometime be intimidating, and even a little scary, right? Well, if you’re looking for a country with safe big cities day or night, Japan is a great choice! According to many studies, Osaka ranks 3rd safest city … Read More