Kyoto Tours with Pinpoint Traveler

Kyoto Tours with Pinpoint Traveler

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Why Choose Pinpoint Traveler for Your Kyoto Tour?

Fluent Bilingual Guides: Get the full experience without language barriers.
Authentic Food & Cultural Experience: Dive deep into Japan's rich culinary and cultural heritage.
Convenient Pickups & Meetup Points: Travel hassle-free and enjoy your trip.

What Pinpoint Travelers’ Customers Say:

“Andres was a wonderful tour guide. His passion for Japan was evident. He chose delicious food and unique spots, answered all our questions, and helped us select great Japanese drinks.”
“This tour showed us Kyoto in a unique light. We soaked in historical insights, visited great sites, and relished delightful food. We left with joy and full bellies. A must-try!”
“Joshua was an exceptional guide! For newcomers to Japan, this tour is a must. It offers a peek into the culture, cuisine, and spots you wouldn’t typically experience.”


4 Hours

Uncovering Uji: Tea, Shrines, and Spirituality

Experience tranquility in the Uji District with our local tea connoisseur. Escape the bustle of central Kyoto and dive into tea culture.

Highlights of This Kyoto Tour:

  • Scenic views as the river flows from the hills.
  • Tea culture and etiquette exploration.
  • Authentic Kyoto experiences beyond the crowded tourist spots.
  • Opportunity for evening tachinomi-style dining.


3 Hours

Small Group Kyoto Food and Culture Dive

Unearth Kyoto's culinary secrets with a night tour in the iconic Gion neighborhood and beyond.

On This Kyoto Tour, Experience:

  • Insight into Kyoto's culinary past and present.
  • All-inclusive tour, no last-minute surprises.
  • Culture immersion beyond just the food.
  • Engaging stories and insights throughout Gion.
  • Savor ten different dishes across two restaurants.


8-10 Hours

A Kyoto Private Car Tour: Arashiyama, Kinkakuji, Fushimi Inari & More

Embark on a private car journey across Kyoto's iconic sites, from Arashiyama to Fushimi Inari.

Your Kyoto Journey Includes:

  • Pick-up from central Kyoto accommodations.
  • Exploration of favored temples, gardens, and historic neighborhoods.
  • Customizable itinerary based on your interests.
  • Insightful tour options from Osaka or Kobe.
  • Additional Offering:
  • Venture to less-traveled sites that offer a unique Kyoto experience. Witness the city's charm beyond the popular spots.
Golden temple of Kyoto

Extending Your Kyoto Stay?

Deep dive into our range of Kyoto tours. And if you’re keen to explore the differences between neighboring cities, our Osaka tours offer a fresh perspective. Kyoto and Osaka may be geographically close, but their cultural contrasts are vast. Discover them for yourself!

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Kyoto Landing
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